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The whole process of silica sol casting


Silica sol high-precision casting methods include sand casting, special casting, high-precision casting, and V-method casting; high-precision casting in precision casting belongs to special casting. When we are casting silica sol, what do you know about the whole process of silica sol casting?

The whole process of silica-sol casting is as follows:

Step 1, Restrain the wax model

Press the processed wax paste into the concave mold of the mold shell, take it out after being cooled by an industrial chiller, put it in the reservoir for a period of time, and obtain a separate wax mold after repairing and testing. The wax pattern can be understood as a working pressure casting part.

Step 2,  Produce mold shells

A mold is a type of tool used to suppress the shape of a casting. In order to ensure the quality of the wax model, it must have high precision and low surface roughness.

Step 3, Mold repair

The quality, surface quality, and degree of deformation of the wax pattern determine some of the key parameters of the product. Therefore, the zinc alloy die-casting custom wax pattern production workshop must control the temperature to minimize the deformation of the wax pattern. At the same time, each wax The surface of the mold also needs to be inspected, and those with air marks should be washed away. At the same time, the burrs, burrs, and clamping lines of the wax parts should be removed when the mold is repaired, and those with a small amount of damage should be repaired.

Step 4,  Form a wax model (group tree)

After the model is repaired, in order to improve the production efficiency of the individual wax models that meet the standards, the individual wax models are arc-welded to the pre-made fruit wax public pouring system software to form a wax model group. Generally, 2 to 80 wax patterns can be arc welded under one wax pattern group.

Step 5, Clean the Wax Model

After the assembled wax molds are left to stand for more than 45 minutes, they can be cleaned. Before shell sizing, the number of wax molds must be cleaned to remove the wax chips and grease on the surface. Improve shell adhesion.

Step 6, Manufacturing shell

After dipping the architectural paint on the wax mold, put it in the shell room to dry. The overall surface layer adopts the method of natural drying, and the connecting layer and the back layer adopt the method of rotating the air to dry to speed up the drying. Repeat coating and hanging 5-7 times (5–6 layers for small castings, 6–9 layers for large castings).


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