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Silica sol investment casting technology is appropriate for all alloy casting


Silica sol Investment casting is not only suitable for casting of various types and alloys, but it also produces castings with much higher dimensional accuracy and surface quality than other casting methods. Even castings that would be difficult to cast using other methods. If we want to make products with relatively simple shapes, small sizes, and high dimensional accuracy, we can start with profiles or cast carbon steel. The advantage of using a steel mold is that the material is inexpensive; however, the mold is heavy and requires special processing tools. Some manual tasks are extremely difficult. If the shape is complicated, the precision is high, the product size is large, and so on, the interlayer drying time of silica sol precision casting is further reduced, but it can be effectively reduced to 1 hour in order to improve the interlayer drying time of silica sol. The shellmaking environment has very strict requirements, particularly in terms of wind speed.

The drying time of the middle layer can be extended appropriately for such castings with elongated holes. The surface quality of silica sol precision casting is good, and it has high high temperature strength, thermal shock stability, and high temperature deformation resistance. Silica sol investment casting is a low-cut casting process. These are the most advanced foundry technologies available in the foundry industry.


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